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Accepting New Patients as of January 3, 2023

New Primary Care Patient Reimbursement
We are not accepting insurance as of January 3, 2023. All payments for Primary Care Services are Cash, Check, Debit Card, Credit Card or FSA.  Established patients prior to 1/3/23 are grandfathered in and may continue to use their existing insurance.
Initial Visits for new Primary Care  Patients is $200.00, Subsequent visits are $125.00 and Virtual Visits are $75.00.
We estimate your annual out of pocket cost for 2-4 visits a year to be $275.00-$650.00.
You may still use your insurance at specialists, labs, pharmacies, x-ray facilities and hospitals.
You can send our office statements to your insurer to apply toward co-pays and deductibles, if allowable.
If you have not been seen in two years or more, you are considered a new patient. 
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